Privacy Policy

At Run Mon Sports, we as a team and our service are dedicated to protecting, allowing our customers’ details, privacy, and confidentiality. We want to be open on how we obtain, use, and share the personal information you provide to us as well as the information we automatically collect when you buy and transact with us. This privacy statement is applicable when you use and communicate with our services, shops, website, and social media sites, as mentioned below.

Users Data

We may request the following information from you when you transact online, in-store, or register:

  • 1. Name (first and last).
  • 2. Username.
  • Email address.
  • Billing and shipping details.
  • Phone number (or telephone number).
  • Details on a credit/debit card or a gift card.
  • PayPal or Apple Pay account details.
  • Promotional/coupon codes.
  • Purchase/Return/Digital Exchange.
  • Driver's license or state identification (for return delivery, ship-to-store requests, and/or rental/lease agreements)
  • Day of birth.
  • Fitting size information.
  • Information about the wish list.
  • Search word details entered into the website's search bar.


Run Mon Sports also automatically extracts data from your interactions with the website. The following types of information can be gathered:

  • Transactions: Product specifics, sales price, date and place of purchase, fees, and shipping costs are all included in the transaction information.
  • Log Information: The type of browser you use, the amount of time you spend on pages/site, your IP address, session monitoring review that captures cursor movements, monitored pages before and after you visit our website, such as referral websites.
  • Device: The type of system you are using to access our website (desktop, cell phone, or tablet), the applications you are using to access our website, the operating system, and version, specific device ids, mobile network information, and your browsing conduct.
  • Location Data: The approximate address of your smartphone when you visited our website, as well as details about our store locations. These data points can be gathered if you visit our website or use any of our services.

How we collect this information?

We gather information from you while you do the following:
Register for an account on our website.
Sign up for email or direct mail ads from us.
Place an order on our website or purchase at one of our locations.
Connect with us on social media and our blogs (i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
Participate in a draw or sweepstakes.
Participate in another website feature or react to a survey or contact such as e-mail.
Browse or search the website.
Provide feedback on merchandise, shops, or utilities.

Information Security

To keep your details secure, we use many security mechanisms. Your sensitive information is kept behind encrypted networks and is only available by a small group of people who have exclusive access rights to those systems and are allowed to keep it private. We include the use of a safe server when you put orders or view your details.

Information Exchange

We may not lend, sell, exchange, or otherwise disclose personal details to third parties. We may share the personal information we obtain with our business associates, advertising/marketing partners, and other third-party vendors for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.


Cookies are tiny digital signature files that your web browser keeps allowing your habits to be registered while you visit a website. They can also be used to monitor the subsequent visits to the website. Cookies can also be used for profiling purposes by third-party advertisement agencies.

Options for Visitors

If you have subscribed to one of our services, you can unsubscribe by following the directions in the e-mail you sent. You will be able to disable cookies from your browser settings, but doing so may prohibit you from using some features of the website.


We’d hate to see you go yet if you still want to delete your account. Login into our website’s “My Account” feature and remove your mailing addresses, billing addresses, and payment details to erase all of your online account information from our servers. Please bear in mind that we can keep details about a particular sales transaction for service and keep records.

Pages on Social Media

If you no longer want to be linked on Run Mon Sports’s admin social media accounts, go to the channel you no longer want to be connected with and “Unfollow” or “Unlike” it. You should also be mindful of the privacy settings on all of your social media sites since they affect how they exchange your data with others.


Please let us know if you want to change your e-mail subscriptions by changing your interests in the “My Account” line. Please keep in mind that due to email production schedules, you can receive emails that are already in production.

You can also go through the previous email you’ve got and click the “Unsubscribe” button in the footer. However, being on our subscriber’s list you will continue to collect transactional and customer support emails depending on your orders, in-store visits that end in a purchase or quote, and other important emails based on those activities.

Policy Modifications

Run Mon Sports reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time, and we will publish the Effective Date of the revisions on this website as a notice of the change. You must review these Policies if you use our website or any of our services.

Your consent

By continuing to use our website and facilities, you accept that you have read, understood, and adhere to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Use.