There Are certain qualities you will find in all winners—a strong mental fortitude, the willingness to work through pain, and a strong desire to overcome all obstacles. More than 40 million people over the age of 40 are redefining what was called “middle-aged.”  Just a generation ago, hitting 40 meant you reached your prime and it was all downhill from there.  And now, many people believe that once you reach 50 years of age, that it is too late in life to reach for physical excellence.  But as the growing number of “baby boomers” approach the half-century mark and beyond, athletic activities are becoming the key ingredients to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental outlook.

Randy Smith dispels all stereotypes or beliefs that most people seem to have regarding their golden years as he defies conventional wisdom that says athletics are for the young. Today’s “mid-life crisis” spurs an awakening. It did with Randy, in fact … he is just hitting his stride. Randy picked up where he left off more than 25 years ago—at the sprinters’ starting block. He wants to look good, feel great, and revel in the best of time of his life. With these outstanding qualities, Randy keeps his eyes focused on the goal of a healthy mind, body, and spirit, daring others to live their dreams just as he is doing.

Randy began running track at age 16, winning numerous awards and trophies. While in high school, Randy also played cricked and soccer. Randy received his education at Murray State University in Kentucky. He moved to Houston in 1990 from New York where he continues to be an executive in the recruiting industry while he trains and competes on weekends. Randy readily shares his winning strategy, both on and off the track, in workshops, churches, seminars, and keynote speeches. He also actively participates in community service.

Randy’s life is an international success story, and an American dream. His goal is to excel beyond the limitations of our societal infrastructure, which caters to the younger athletes, while proving that there are athletes working hard beyond the age of 30.  Today, success stories like Randy’s, are few, but the public embraces them with great fervor. Randy is motivated by accomplishing goals that normally only comes true in dreams or in the movies. Randy A. Smith, the man, the winner, the phenomenon, is living proof that dreams can come true.